About Fiona Murphy and MMC Ltd


Fiona Murphy

After completing a DPhil in English Literature, Fiona held a range of scholarly publishing roles with Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic and Wiley.

As Publisher for Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wiley, she began to specialise in emerging scholarly communications with particular emphasis on Open Science and Open Data.

She is a past and current member of several research projects including PREPARDE (Peer Review of Research Data in the Earth Sciences), Data2Paper (a cloud-based app for automating the data article submission process) and the Belmont Forum (a multi-national, multi-agency global environmental change project – in association with the University of Reading).

Amongst other activities, she is co-chair of the Research Data Alliance Exposing Data Management Plans Working Group, on the steering committee for the Force11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI), Secretary of the Board of the data repository, Dryad, and an Editorial Board Member of the Data Science Journal. An independent publishing consultant advising institutions, learned societies and commercial publishing companies and Associate Fellow at the University of Reading, Fiona has written and presented widely on data publishing, open data and open science. She also loves organising events, building project teams and raising awareness and capabilities among knowledge workers.




In recent years research funders and policy makers have become increasingly concerned about research data - its collection, management, storage re-use and access requirements. There is high-level recognition that ‘data-driven science’ is likely to be critical in our response to the so-called Grand Challenges. However, in practical terms this requires a substantial increase in technological capabilities and a huge shift in the culture of many research disciplines. In turn, there are profound implications for the supporting stakeholders of the research communication and dissemination industry (publishers, learned societies, universities, librarians, funders, start-ups).

The result is a disruptive publishing environment where long-standing business models must be re-examined and potentially adapted in order to retain relevance for the future. There are also potential opportunities. However, given the fast-changing state of the industry, investments, new products and adaptations need to be based on the best evidence available, and along appropriate subject/community/funder/regional lines.

MMC Ltd was set up in response to these increasing pressures on scholarly and scientific research processes - in particular with research data and its collection, management, storage re-use and access requirements.

We are equipped to support fellow stakeholders, including learned societies, publishers, large- and small-scale projects and tech start-ups, in their navigation of the resulting disruptive publishing environment.