Giving Researchers Credit for their Data – an update

Over the past few weeks, our project, ‘Giving Researchers Credit for their Data’ has continued to take shape. We held a meeting with key partners (Elsevier and ORCID) at the Jisc Headquarters and came away with some concrete aims for the remainder of this phase.

Our developer, Anusha Ranganathan, is currently coding the proof of concept for the Helper App that will – hopefully – support researchers to publish their datasets (check out the latest version of the technical specification here (link here)). In the meantime, the Project Team continues to collect feedback and potential use cases at venues such as the Research Data Alliance Paris Plenary (link to slides here), Hydra Connect, 2:AM and at various workshops involved with data publication, reproducible science, publishing and preservation. We’ve had some very helpful responses so far, but continue to be interested in your comments. For instance, is there a way to align our activities with the work of the Open Science Framework? As the THOR Project starts to gain traction, how do we best segue our project towards this Greater Good….? We’re planning a joint meeting with another #dataspring project (Streamlining Deposit: An OJS to Repository Plug-in) next month. It’s all about NOT reinventing any wheels, or making anyone’s life more complicated than it already is. It IS about supporting researchers, repositories and publishers to fulfil funder mandates, gain credit for their efforts, and improve the impact and re-usability of their work.

So if you’re a publisher, Open Science or Open Data facility, a data centre manager or interested researcher, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to hear your feedback and/or set up a discussion with you.

hannah read