A Truly Awesome Meeting, IDW Botswana, November 2018

Blogpost written for the Research Data Alliance as part of an RDA EU Expert Researcher Grant award.

“I was immensely pleased to be able to attend this event due to an Expert Researcher Grant from RDA Europe. As always, there were a number of sessions I was looking forward to contributing to, and many people I wanted to see. But this was also the first time that both I and International Data Week had come to Africa, and I knew this would make it a very special meeting.

Having arrived at the venue after a long – largely uneventful – journey, we were greeted by monkeys and peacocks in the hotel bar, some very welcome refreshments and, most welcome of all, warmth and sunshine. Coming from the UK in November, the weather was a wonderful contrast from home. Conversely, the plugs, roads (driving on the left), and afternoon tea arrangements were absolutely familiar!

Having been lucky enough to get to IDW, I was determined to pack a lot into the meeting, so started by attending the RDA Co-Chairs meeting on the Sunday afternoon. We discussed some interesting developments for subsequent Plenaries, but the Council Members managed to keep the location for the 14th Plenary a secret from us.”

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